Select Your Member Type

General Membership:

1. LLCs, Corporations, Partnerships, Sole Proprietors and those individuals who have served at the Finance Director level for a statewide or federal campaign committee for a minimum of 6 years are eligible for general membership in NAPF.

2. The prospective member company must derive a minimum of 80% of its income from fundraising services.

3. These members are eligible to serve on the Board of Advisors

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Resource Membership:

1.  Vendors of political fundraisers

2. A limited number of resource members may be eligible to serve on the Association’s Board of Advisors

Examples would be: hotels, direct mail firms, consulting companies, state & federal professional associations, political parties, PACs, political organizations, corporations, caucuses, catering companies, etc.

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Associate Membership:

Individual fundraisers who are directly employed by a single political or candidate committee/organization, aspiring fundraisers and volunteers.

Examples would be: volunteer fundraisers, campaign staff, students, etc.

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